Cabling & Infrastructure solutions

Cabling & Infrastructure solutions

The success and reliability of your IT largely depends on the quality of the cabling infrastructure you install. We will work with you from the initial design stages, through to installation and commissioning, as well as supporting all your future requirements.

Structured cabling is a part of physical layer and defines the Overall performance of your network; high performance and low latency networks were critical to keep your business online 24×7. Our Installers plan your cabling infrastructure diligently and ensure the cable routing is engineered in a structured and tidy manner to guarantee high performance, scalable, redundant and a hassle-free network.

Best suited for:

  • Structured cabling (vertical / horizontal / backbone)
  • High performance switching
  • WAN Networks

We have a proven track record delivering the service to our customers’ critical environments. This includes Data Centres, branches, retail sites, warehouse facilities and office environments. Our cabling services can be provided in retail environments, data centres, office locations, CCTV systems, Fire Safety systems, BMS systems, and long haul networks for voice, data, video or television.

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