Public Address & Background Music System

Public Address & Background Music System

Public Address is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system used in large venues and buildings, which allow users to address a large number of people or gathering. Background Music system is a music playback system delivering crystal-clear audio quality in a commercial environment across large venues. A well-designed Audio system would deliver constant acoustic pressure across the listening areas.

AVIGENCE offers a comprehensive PA and BGM system which can be integrated with Fire Alarm, CCTV or Access control systems.

We can create a customised audio solution to meet your individual needs. Our friendly customer service team has the experience, knowledge & dedication to help you obtain the perfect system for your needs & budget.

Audio Installations are specialist designers of installed Public address systems and Announcement systems and we have the means to not only design the perfect system for your environment but install it as well. We can guide you through all of the different speaker and amplifier configurations for your individual requirements and budget and will supply drawings for your installers or provide our own installers where necessary.

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