Wireless & Mobility Solutions

Wireless & Mobility Solutions

Wireless is now a business critical element to ensure an organisation stays ahead of its competition and maximises productivity and profitability. Enterprises are expected to provide infrastructure to support increasingly ‘Business Critical’ applications

WiFi has become ubiquitous, the ever-increasing demand for data and user consumption patterns have changed the WiFi from a “good-to-have” service to critical commodity for all businesses. High performing WiFi solutions are critical to keep your business efficient and productive, no compromise whatsoever.

AVIGENCE provide turnkey solutions to all your Data, Voice and Video needs. Our WiFi expert thoroughly analyzes the floorplan space and suggest a perfectly crafted WLAN design, ensuring optimal performance and throughput across your network.

Best suited for:

  • Indoor / Outdoor AP
  • Wireless Controller
  • Outdoor Base station & Mesh Wi-Fi
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